Plainfield North Tiger Relays Invite


Plainfield North (IL) High School - Plainfield, IL -- Commissioner's Park

COMBINED- Boys and Girls Frosh-Soph Race 4:15
Girls Varsity Race 4:50
Boys Varsity Race 5:30
All times are approximate. We will go upon completion of each race.

Teams Competing(#indicates box number)
Hinsdale South 1, Joliet Catholic Academy 2, Neuqua Valley (boys) 9, Plainfield East 4, Plainfield North 3, Providence Catholic 5, Rich South 6, Romeoville 7, Rosary 8 (girls)
Commissioner’s Park- 111TH ENTRANCE
111th & 248th Naperville, IL

Meet Format
Each school divides their team into pairs. You may enter as many pairs as you wish. Only the first 3 finishing pairs for each school will be used to score the meet. The individuals in each pair alternate miles. Each pair must carry and legally exchange a regulation baton (you must bring your own batons).

In the Frosh-Soph and Girls Varsity Races, each runner will run the one mile loop two times, for a total of four miles.
In the Boys Varsity Race, each runner will repeat the one mile loop three times, for a total of six miles.

If you do not have an even number, we will attempt to pair up your athlete w/ another school’s athlete at coaches meeting.

Course Description
The course is a one mile loop. Athletes can wear spikes.

Runners are responsible for being in the exchange zone when their partner returns. Please instruct your runners to clear the exchange zone as soon as they have handed off the baton.

$12. Cash or check to PNHS.

The anchor runner for each pair will have a tag paper clipped to his/ her jersey. Please fill out the tags with each runner’s first and last name, year in school, and the name of your school. These tags will be removed at the finish shoot. We will then score the meet on a standard scoring sheet. Each school may enter as many pairs as they wish in each race. The TOTAL SCORE of the first three finishing pairs for each school will be used to determine your school’s place. In the event of a tie, the school’s fourth pair will be the deciding factor; similar to the “6th man” in a standard race.

Tags- You will be given a note card type sheet to fill in athlete’s last names and the school. If you feel you cannot fill this out at your arrival race day, please feel free to do so prior to arriving at the meet. Contact Coach Gummerson regarding color or tag as each race is color coded.

Coaches will be responsible for their athletes times.

The top 5 pairs earn medals
Pairs 6-15 earn ribbons
Two team plaques will be given

Restrooms are available
Coaches Meeting

4:00 under the main pavilion.

New this year
Results will be posted on a poster board on the wall under the pavilion. Athletes will be able to know, as well as coaches, if athletes are receiving an award. When tags are taken from the athletes, they will go directly to the “scoring board.”